One of the Neatest Ways to Make Money from Home Starting Today… and Make $25 an Hour at No Cost Doing It !

Okay folks here is a little business you can work from home that just about anyone with half a brain can do with a little work. It is truly one of the best ways to to make money with zero investment.

I have considered doing it myself. But I am just too bogged down with keeping my blogs up to date and keeping my readers happy with them

Here it is in a nutshell.

Let me begin by saying Bloggers, Website Owners, and people in internet Marketing are always looking to have this need fulfilled.

Well by chance if you do not know at this point back links and getting back links to your blog is a big deal. It provides direct traffic from the link to you Site and gives you indirect traffic from Search Engines like Google which can be very lucrative.

People like myself cannot give the proper time devoted to doing this thus we have a need for others to fulfill this for us.

Blog Commenting is one of the best ways for Website Owners and Bloggers to get traffic to their Sites. I do it a lot but as time goes by I realize that I need help doing it.

That is where YOU come in.

A Blog Commenting service is a wonderful way to help others and get paid doing it. And if done right over time you can make in excess of $20 an hour. (Its flat out one of the most savvy and simplest ways to make money)

Blog commenting is exactly what is says. You go and Google specific blogs that are related to your client. Like mine is about home businesses and how to start one. So you would simply Google ‘starting a home business’ and find all the blogs related to this.

Then you start reading the posts of one and making well thought out comments that are related to the specific post of the blog.

You can charge your client $1 for each blog comment. As time goes by, you will get faster and more efficient at this.

Eventually you will be able to make a comment every few minutes.

Just make sure to provide comments that are of quality.

And to to market your new Blog Commenting service you can go to or places like Warrior forum or other internet forums to get new clients.

Be sure to have a way to show your client the work you have done so he can see how good you are. And ultimately he will come back to you for more and more work.

It is a solid business if you do it properly and one of numerous really good ways to make money on the internet.

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