I wanted to talk briefly today about Squishy Cash and How I think It is a Good Way on How to Make Money from Home !

How to make money from home ? I joined Squishy Cash just shortly after joining Fusion Cash and Cash Crate in 2008.

I have gotten paid a total of $48.55 with Squishy Cash. Of course that is no big deal, right ? Well, here is the the things guys .I barely spent anytime working with Squishy Cash. Practically none. And made money.

And when I was eligible to cash out at $20 they paid me on the exact time they promised and everything went smoothly.
If you want to know how to make money from home……well this is one place to do it !

Here is another BIG reason that I really like Squishy Cash. They have a track record. The Company has been around since 2007 and they are not going anywhere.

They have nearly 100,000 members and have paid out close to $300,000. Now this is not on the level of Cashcrate and Fusioncash but it keeps getting stronger and stronger. And folks it is a very good weapon to have in your money making arsenal 🙂

Like the other two programs we love , Squishy has free Offers, daily surveys, shopping offers to make money with, Trial Offers to make some really good money with, and finally a fantastic referral program that ranks as one of the best.

Here is the low down on their referral program :

Stating at the first level called the Horseshoe Level you get 25% of your referral’s Earnings and $1 for every referral who completes his first Offer. As you get more referrals, the percentages on commission increase from 25% all the way up to 35% of your referral’s earnings along with the $1 bonus. And to make things interesting when you make it to 2nd level you get a 1% Earnings Bonus each month and it goes all the way up to
10% Earnings Bonus Match each and every month when you complete a certain amount of Offers and get a specific number of referrals.
I think this is a good program to spend some time with. And one that most anyone can make money with.

So I am giving it a big two thumbs up 🙂

Oh yeah you get a $5 Bonus for just signing up today as a free member. 😉

So if you want to know how to make money from home then Check out Squishy Cash nd CLICK below.


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