5 Great Ways to Really Ramp up your Income and Earn from Home with Fusion Cash and Cash Crate !

Okay, so by now over the last 5 years of this Blog I am pretty sure I have convinced many of you guys that you can make some pretty easy, quick, and decent amount of change with Fusion Cash and Cash Crate. 😉

Today I want to discuss some great ways that many including myself have been able to increase our Earnings substantially over time and Earn from Home with FC and CC.

Here are TEN solid ways to keep Earning more and more with them. And they are specifically centered around getting more referrals with Fusion Cash and Cash Crate.

1. Start a Blog – I will make no bones about it. You should start a blog (i did lol ) and concentrate on building traffic to that Blog. When you get people to your Blog and you have your Banners for each Program set up properly, it will be an easy sell to get referrals. You can get a free one at Blogger Blog or do what I do and what I highly recommend is go set up a WordPress Blog with hosting at Hostgator. They have coupons where you can get hosting for like $7 month which is a steal ( one intro.coupon I saw was $3.96 month) . Trust me if you want to be serious about blogging and serious about this business go with WP !!

2. Forum Posting – Going to Forums and being part of a community is a great way to get new referrals and ultimately put more Benjamins in your pocket and earn from home. I would not start off mentioning your FC and CC Business. Get to know people and give advice when you can. After a while you can put your links in your Signature.

3. Go directly to Fusion Cash and Cash Crate Community Forums – I highly urge you to hang out at the FC and CC Forums. Like me you may think that everyone there is already a member so what is the use ? Well, not everyone browsing the Forums are Members. The more you can help people in the Forums the more an Authoritative figure you will be. And the more people will sign up under you as a FC or CC referral.

4. Offline promoting – Having business cards, putting up flyers at strategic places like schools or even stores or laundromats can help grow your Fusion Cash and Cash Crate business. Also just plane word of mouth to friends, co- workers, fellow students, and co- workers can get you some added referrals.

5. Videos – I am just starting to get my feet with Youtube videos. You can gain a following with Videos and of course gain a following of referrals. Also posting on blogs can spice up your site.

These are just a few of the great ways to earn from home. I and many others have utilized these 5 avenues to increase our earnings with Fusion Cash and Cash Crate.

I will be discussing more ways in the future but these are great places to start ! 🙂

Robert ‘the discrat’ Andrew