Happy Halloween as I have put Wicked back in the mix of things with my Site.. hahahahaha

Do not be fooled by the green, springy theme of my blog. Of course, it reminded me of making money with the presence of green and hopefully stirred many of you into the mode of wanting to make money also.

(But as the name of my Site says) I included ‘Wicked’ for days just like these.

I hope you all are going to have a scary and wicked Halloween. Unfortunately, many of you will be celebrating this Holiday on the weekend because of the inclement weather. But most of us will be doing it tonight.

I am going to keep this Post short as I have a lot of planning to do today for my two young-ins when they come home from school. They have been celebrating Halloween all month with Library parties, school parties, Church Trick or Trunk parties, neighborhood parties, schoolmate parties at their homes, even a free Halloween party at Mcdonalds. 😉

So lots of fun and a heck of a lot of sugar and candy lol

Either tomorrow or Monday I will be talking about a new (well not for me) work at home business that will be sure to raise some eyebrows as it is one more way to add to your income stream.

As always the majority of the Posts here will be about FusionCash and Cashcrate but I will definitely be talking about other work at home businesses to put some more change in your pocket at limited cost for you and most of the time for free actually.

I have enjoyed this little blog ( actually it has turned into a fairly big one, but you guys know what I mean) over the years and it has brought great pleasure to really help people to make money and assist them in helping with everyday expenses.

With that note I will say adios !

Robert 🙂

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Mark Cuban Decides He Wants to Dabble in Fusion Cash ! WOW this is Major News

Ha ha ha. Just a Halloween Trick with NO Treat. Not for real.

But what would you have to make at Fusion Cash to get to the level of income that Mark Cuban makes each year ??

Well, lets break it down. According to sources, with all the assets he owns including the Dallas Mavericks and the Movie theater chains Cuban nets about $150 million a year.( Of course his total net worth is closing in on 3 billion dollars.)

Now to make money from home with Fusion Cash at this level you would have to do this……….average a new referral approximately every .0001 seconds if they confirm their email and complete their first offer. That is some pretty darn good salesmanship if you can do that lol

But seriously folks you aint ever going to get rich with Fusion Cash or Cash Crate for that matter. If some one says you are going to make 10K a month with FC or CC just turn and walk the other way from them.

However, do not walk away from these Programs themselves.

Utilized correctly, they can be some great tools to make money from home and get your own Net Worth up 😉 A hundred here and a hundred there !

But do not get the notion they you will reach the level of Mark Cuban. :>)

However, I bet if you ever saw and had the opportunity to talk to Cuban and mentioned how great Fusion Cash or Cash Crate was, he would check out the Sites if just for fun.

After all this is the guy who made $1,500 dollars from a chain letter he started in College to pay for books and supplies. (kind of sounds like something Fusion Cash or Cash Crate could do for you and make money from home for you )

So believe it or not he can relate to each one of us. 🙂

Peace out,

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5 Great Ways to Really Ramp up your Income and Earn from Home with Fusion Cash and Cash Crate !

Okay, so by now over the last 5 years of this Blog I am pretty sure I have convinced many of you guys that you can make some pretty easy, quick, and decent amount of change with Fusion Cash and Cash Crate. 😉

Today I want to discuss some great ways that many including myself have been able to increase our Earnings substantially over time and Earn from Home with FC and CC.

Here are TEN solid ways to keep Earning more and more with them. And they are specifically centered around getting more referrals with Fusion Cash and Cash Crate.

1. Start a Blog – I will make no bones about it. You should start a blog (i did lol ) and concentrate on building traffic to that Blog. When you get people to your Blog and you have your Banners for each Program set up properly, it will be an easy sell to get referrals. You can get a free one at Blogger Blog or do what I do and what I highly recommend is go set up a WordPress Blog with hosting at Hostgator. They have coupons where you can get hosting for like $7 month which is a steal ( one intro.coupon I saw was $3.96 month) . Trust me if you want to be serious about blogging and serious about this business go with WP !!

2. Forum Posting – Going to Forums and being part of a community is a great way to get new referrals and ultimately put more Benjamins in your pocket and earn from home. I would not start off mentioning your FC and CC Business. Get to know people and give advice when you can. After a while you can put your links in your Signature.

3. Go directly to Fusion Cash and Cash Crate Community Forums – I highly urge you to hang out at the FC and CC Forums. Like me you may think that everyone there is already a member so what is the use ? Well, not everyone browsing the Forums are Members. The more you can help people in the Forums the more an Authoritative figure you will be. And the more people will sign up under you as a FC or CC referral.

4. Offline promoting – Having business cards, putting up flyers at strategic places like schools or even stores or laundromats can help grow your Fusion Cash and Cash Crate business. Also just plane word of mouth to friends, co- workers, fellow students, and co- workers can get you some added referrals.

5. Videos – I am just starting to get my feet with Youtube videos. You can gain a following with Videos and of course gain a following of referrals. Also posting on blogs can spice up your site.

These are just a few of the great ways to earn from home. I and many others have utilized these 5 avenues to increase our earnings with Fusion Cash and Cash Crate.

I will be discussing more ways in the future but these are great places to start ! 🙂

Robert ‘the discrat’ Andrew

BOO…….Have you had Your Halloween Fix of FusionCash and CashCrate :)

It is that time of year when people just love to get spooky and scare themselves as well as others around them.

(Note: For all of you horror movie fans if you really want to see a quality horror movie that will scare the daylights out of you go see ‘The Conjuring”. It ranks right up there with ‘The Exorcist’ with NO killing, blood, profanity, sex, or nudity in the story. Just darn scary and based on true events )

Anyway, I love Halloween  and my wife and kids love it. Our neighborhood houses are full of ghosts and goblins in their front yards. So my 3 and 4 year old go nuts when we walk down the street.

And what better time to start getting your fix satisfied with making money online with FusionCash ( you get $5 right away for just joining) and CashCrate. We all know right after Halloween,  begins the stretch to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

And during this time there can be some unneeded stress put on us all…… Trying to give the kids a good holiday or getting your Mom or Dad or Aunt and Uncle the perfect gift can be nerve racking at times. Especially, if you are struggling to make ends meat to begin with.

That is why I have always been so LOUD in telling people about Fusion Cash and Cash Crate and how you can go about making money online with them!. These two programs  can not only assist you during times like the holiday rush but they can go a helluva long way to help make your basic Living expenses a little bit easier.

Whether it be to help pay a mortgage or car payment off, or help with the groceries or pay for student loans these programs can do the job if you are committed to putting in a little work.

People told me my whole Life (in the internet age) that you could NEVER make money online and that it was all  just a scam.

Iam here to tell you they are dead wrong and I will be more than happy to show how you can start making money online today with FusionCash and CashCrate.

Happy Halloween,


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Having a Home Based Business Can be Yours if You Put Some Work Into it !

Having a Home Based Business is not as hard as it sounds.

First of all, when I talk about a Home Based business it does not have to entail one that is  full time. Many of you guys probably are just looking for something to help pay the bills so a part time business from home is ideal for you.

However, some of you may want to take the next step and try to make a full time business from home.

Both are admirable goals to shoot  for.

Personally, for the person going for the goal of having a full time business I think you can start out on a part time level.

Let me explain. If you want a full time business from your  home, right now immediately,  then you are pretty much going to have to quit your job and rely on another source of income  like your spouse to take up the slack.

For anyone this can be very difficult, and it could put you in a financial crisis.

So your best bet is to start off part time. Once you start making some income then up the stakes and find new avenues to continue your increase in income. Whether that means to scale up for what you have been doing or delve off into another income opportunity to add to the one you are already  profitable in.

For me doing Surveys was a great way to get my feet wet. I did not think making money on the internet was possible 5 years ago. I thought it was all a scam.

Once I started to make some money ,that gave me some confidence to do other things like Blogging and Affiliate Marketing.

One of the things that I really enjoyed doing and making some money from was Fusion Cash and Cashcrate !
Of course many of you know this but to start a part time legitimate business Cashcrate and FusionCash are ideal. You can do surveys, free offers, and best of all you can get into their referral program and start making money while referring people to become members at FC and CC.

I think programs like this are great stepping stones to bigger and bigger things in Internet Marketing.

Just remember to keep your nose to the grindstone and be persistent and never give up !! 🙂

Take care,

I am going on a little different route today concerning Network Marketing

Okay folks I know we talk  exclusively about  two of the great programs on the Web, Cashcrate and FusionCash here on my blog!

Today, I want to take or make an exception.

Network Marketing has been around for well over 50 years. Amway was really the first significant one and its inception was around 1958.

If you do not know already about network marketing or MLM…well  is a way to market products through word of mouth skipping over the wholesalers and retailers.

The distributorships in MLM are regular people like you and me. And you make commission on any Associates you bring into the company as well as commissions off of other people who join under your original person and so on and so on ( a downline) …………..And it can be quite powerful !

People who original got in Amway really made some major moolah and there are people just getting in the last few years who do quite well with this network marketing opportunity.

I tried a couple in the 1990s but had no luck. One reason is that I did not have any follow thru. My ‘warm list’ like family, friends , and co workers exhausted themselves so I had just a minimal downline. And it disappeared after no one made any sales.

I think with the advent of the Internet , Network Marketing is a very feasible vehicle to build a substantial income with .

There are people who make 7 digits a year with Network Marketing Opportunities !

This can only be accomplished through hard work, determination, and patience. It is very unlikely you will get to the level of making 7 digits a year with a network marketing company.

But do not let that sway you, because there are some really great programs to get you off on the right track to making some pretty decent income !!

Check this one out at Network Marketing Companies

Finally, it is the Holidays and a perfect time to join Cashcrate and Fusioncash to make extra Holiday Money !

I cannot think of a period of the year when people need a little bit of extra money in their wallets. The Holidays can be draining on all of us.

And Cashcrate and Fusioncash are two exceptional programs that can help you with this.

Both companies are considered to be GPT sites which stands for ‘Get paid to’.

Basically, you make money by completing free offers and daily surveys as well as trial product offers where you can make some substantial amount of money.

Also, the referral programs with Cashcrate and Fusioncash is another way to take these two programs to the next level in making money.

In essence, with their referral programs you get paid when you refer people to these two companies. That is right. Both Cashcrate and FusionCash will pay out money and with Cashcrate you get paid out to two levels down. In other wards, you make commission off your direct referral and anyone he refers you get commission from them too !! Pretty sweet !!

With Fusioncash you get paid $1 for each referral and $2 when they complete an offer. When they cash out you get $5 for every time that referral cashes out and that is for Life. 🙂 Pretty nice, uh !!

Cashcrate and Fusioncash make a great combo to help you make some really good moolah !!

I love both programs and especially around Christmas time they can make the kids happy with an extra gift or two or get that special piece of jewelry for that loved one. Or maybe help in paying a mortgage or car payment !

Anyway, try these two great programs to maximum you earning potential and while you are at it have a wonderful Holidays and cheers to a New Year coming around the corner, 😉 Rob

Mens Christmas Gifts and Women and Childrens Christmas Gifts are a Great Way to Spend Your FusionCash and Cashcrate Money !! No it not too Early :)

Hey guys I hope you are doing good today. I just want to touch up on a topic here.

I get asked this a lot and that is ‘with the amount of money I make with Cashcrate and FusionCash what can I buy’. Well, that all depends……….some people make more than others and some make less. Some people can make enough to buy a months worth of groceries while make enough to pay off a car or house payment. It just depends on the amount of work you put in.

One good idea (which I know is kind of early right now)is to spend money buying Mens Christmas Gifts and Womens Christmas Gifts. Actually its never really too early for Christmas.:) So when you make some money put a little bit back for Mens Christmas Gifts and Womens Christmas Gifts.

Like I said many times before, you will not become a millionaire with FusionCash and Cashcrate. But they are both excellent programs to put a little money in your pocket.

And putting a little bit back for the Xmas Season is a smart thing to do ! Myself ?? I am enjoying doing the referral programs and Offers with both FusionCash and Cash Crate. They both have their distinct styles and the payout with the referral systems can be impressive for both FC and CC. It definitely is a really good way to put back money for Mens Christmas Gifts as well as Women and Childrens gifts.

And of course there is the Daily Surveys you can take every 24 hrs. with both Programs and that can add up over a period of time. And like I said above 🙂 it really is a good way to save up for Christmas Gifts for Men and Women and Children too when the Holiday Season hits.

Anyway, I wanted to write this Post because the other day I started hearing some friends talk about Mens Christmas Gifts and Women and Children too. And just all the hoopla about the Holiday Season. I asked them why talk about it so early. And they replied that it is never too early to start talking about Santa Claus 😉

So I thought to myself that this topic would be a good Post here at my Blog letting people know what things they could spend with their extra money from Fusion Cash and Cash Crate !!

Piece Out, Rob

Why I created this Blog ??

Some of you may know this but it has been a while since I talked about.
That is, I did I get started with this Blog ?

Basically back in January 2008 I was looking to make some extra money online. I never had made any money online so I thought the idea of making money on the internet was absurd.

Anyway, I thought I would give a go at it and joined many survey sites and Gpt sites which included Fusion Cash and Cashcrate ! To my surprise I started to make a little money, particularly with Cashcrate and Fusion Cash. Not a whole lot but around $150 to $200 per month every month.

I did this for a year and decided my best route to go would be to concentrate on my two bread winners, Fusion Cash And Cashcrate.

So I have had this Site up for the last 3 and  half years. And I think I have made it a very interesting Blog with essentially all Original and unique content.

I have enjoined talking to many of you and I think many of  you have found that with Cashcrate and FusionCash you can make some good extra money.

I have talked about all the great offers and surveys that you can make money with these two programs and you can take it a step up and make more  money with their referral programs.
You can actually have a site like this to get referrals on a ongoing basis. It does take some time and work but is doable and very rewarding. And not rocket science ! 😉
Also you canuse  banners around town in parking lot, schools, community gathers and many other places to promote your Cashcrate and FusionCash business.

And thats another thing. You need to look at these two programs as businesses and treat them as such. Once you do that you will have develop a long term businesss mindset that will really skyrocket your earnings in the long run !!

To join click the below Banners ! And yes those are my actual Earnings !!

 Free Money at FusionCash!

Earn Money from Home – Cashcrate can earn you some serious money with their referral program !!

When I was younger my brother got me into a water filtration Company that was structured as an MLM program. MLM stands for Multi level marketing and although it it can be a scam in some instances, many times these programs are quite legit. In the water filtration company the MLM program was a scam. Other companies like Amway are not a scam with their MLM program.

But let me get you in on a little secret. Cashcrate one of two programs we promote on this Blog is in some ways a ‘mini’ MLM. And it is totally legit. Now yes you can make good money doing offers and free surveys at Cashcrate which we all encourage you to do , but the bigger picture is their referral program or what I call a legit ‘mini’ MLM program; making money from other people’s work.

Here is how it works : Lets say I join as a member at Cashcrate which is totally free ,and I start to make money doing free offers and daily surveys. Well, say I want to get my best friend to join so he joins and is put under me. He is now my referral and anything he earns doing offers and surveys I get 20% of !! (this is to start out and will go to a higher percentage the more referrals I get)
Then lets say your best friend who is your referral goes out and gets his brother to join as his referral. Then you get 10% of his earnings on top of the 20% you are already getting from your best friend !! (The 10% will also increase as your referrals increase to a certain level)

See where we are going with this ?? 😉
Its pretty obvious to see the implications of this and the potential to generate a good size chunk of change with this ‘mini’ MLM (or referral system) with Cashcrate.

I personally know some members at Cashcrate who are easily making over $1,000 to $2,000 per month with referrals.

So this little program called Cashcrate has adopted a program that is similar to the behemoth known as Amway but just on a smaller level ! 🙂

Anyway ,what are you waiting for ?? To start building your Cashcrate referral empire Click the Banner below !! Its totally FREE to join !!