Want to be Successful with your Home Business then Build a Blog…..but you Must Get TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC, and more TRAFFIC !

Being successful at a home business and building an online business with a blog takes an assortment of skills that you will have to master. But it does not have to be rocket science. A lot of it is simple stuff. Sometimes tedious but simple.

But bottom line to have online success with a Blog like the one you see here you MUST find a way to get TRAFFIC.

Here are three GREAT Ways I have learned that you can get TRAFFIC from.

1. Forum Posting – This is really easy to get started. Say you start a home business with Fusion Cash and you want to start making some money with their referral system (which of course is awesome ;). Well, you can go to relevant forums and start interacting with people. As you build up some trust with other members on that Forum, you can create a Signature where you can drop your Link to your new blog. People will see your Signature and click on the link, and viola you have direct traffic coming to your Blog. Of course, this takes some time but it can be well worth it over time. Especially if start to create a presence at multiple Forums. And do not limit going to forums that are based upon making money. You can go to different types of Forums like a skateboard forum or a college biology forum. I am sure people there would like to earn extra money for free. The topics are literally endless with potential

2. SEO – It stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is one of the most lucrative type of traffic you can get. It takes time and work but it can pay off handsomely. Trust me. Here is a LINK to my other Blog which goes into detail about doing SEO for your blog.

3. Article Marketing– Okay their are article submission directories that you can go to and submit articles about topics related to your blog. Say you want to write an article about ‘ How Cash Crate can help a College Student Make Money’. So you write up your article then go to the two top article directories, Go Articles and EZA ,and submit it for approval. (Note: EZA is very strict in accepting an article. You have to have near perfect English or it will not be accepted. But it is worth it.) Over time as you write more articles particularly at EZA you will notice other writers picking up your article to republish on their own Sites. When you see this you can contact them and ask if they would like to receive more Content from you. After awhile, you will get more and more people publishing your articles. You build relationships with these people and start writing for them. In exchange for your writing you ask for a link back to your blog.
So you start getting directing traffic from this back link and also Google traffic from SEO juice. This can be a very powerful way to build up traffic to your blog. And ultimately get more people signing up for programs like FC and CC and putting that much more money in your pocket from this >home business. 🙂

Hope this helps!

Robert Andrew the discrat

$8 Contest here at my Site for the best Comment on Why you Joined FusionCash, What has it Meant to You, and Where Do You see it Taking You…..

We have some big holidays coming up ……….the most recent Thanksgiving. Which is my wife’s fav time of year ! 🙂 ( to those who do not celebrate Thanksgiving or live in another Country of course you are always equal to all other readers here at my Site, no question)

So to get things kicked off For the month of November and December, I wanted to have a little fun and give a little back to my Readers and Visitors at my Site.

I decided to give $5 for the person who has the most well thought out and articulate comment on why you joined Fusion, What it has it meant to you, and where do you see FC taking you in the future.

Please, do not expect to win anything with just a one sentence response. At least make it 3 or 4 sentences. Preferably, a small paragraph.

I will also give a 2$ for the second place winner. And $1 for the third place winner.

Of course, you will need a Paypal account so as to receive the winnings from the contest.

I love running these type of Contests and as time goes on you will definitely see more of them as I continuously do them with my other 9 blogs related to different topics. So keep coming back here and you we see some money flowing to my Readers

Let me reiterate that my blog will revolve mostly around the two home business opportunities, FusionCash and CashCrate.

But I will also include many programs that you can also make some decent money with. These programs have more than likely been tried by me, or I have done extensive investigation to make sure they are worthy to my readers.

There may be some skeptics still out there but I can tell you from first hand experience that you can have a home based business that can not only make you some money but can make you a legit part time or even full time business.

It takes some work but it can be done.

So I will look forward to awarding you guys a little moolah for some good comments on my Site.

May the games begin 😉

Robert Andrew